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Hairbrush for Your Thoughts – Grooving

Modified: 2015/11/29

Muscles need their gymnastics. The same is true for your thoughts.  All day you go around piling up ideas and information.   How do you handle all this mess? Develop a habit of organizing and ordering your thought by using a mental hairbrush.    I do not want to use a stigmatized word Meditate.  People have some preconceived notions about meaning of word meditate.  So no, this is not about meditation. Lets call this mental activity using a completely meaningless word – grooving.  Something between grouping and grooming. Same people need to talk to sort thing out.  For them this is a form of grooving.  Others, need be along for a while. …

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Religious Education – Finding the Right Words

Modified: 2015/12/17
Finding the Right Words

  WORDS Religious education for beginners should use normal words.  Any word that is unusual or stigmatized causes listener to concentrate on words instead of meaning.  Think of listeners as timid deer that came out of the woods for the sounds of unusual tune.  Every word should strike “Me too, me too“, instead of “Oh, no, not again!  I already head that many time before.”  The most important is background information to obtain, is what king of doubts and uncertainties brought this new soul to the conversation.   SENTENCES Every sentence should maintain the desired level of romanticism and mystery.  Every sentence should create a sense of comfortable hallway, where all interesting…

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Эмоциональное Затишье

Modified: 2015/09/28
Дай же мне прожить и умереть...

Эмоциональное Затишье [Media Timeout] Перестать заливать  себя звуковым мусором.  [20:18] Объявить мараторий на новые впечатления.  Остановиться затоплять себя все новыми роликами, звуками и картинами.  Дать каркасу индивидуальности высохнуть от постоянного дождя инфомации.  Защитить себя от TV, DVD, Internet, радио, музыки, книг, болтовни, шума, voice mail, returning phone calls and emails – объявить эмоциональный штиль. Найти свою тихую гавань сплошного молчания.   Почему это важно?  Потому что ничего нового и своего не рождается на постоянно замусоренной затопленной почве.  Залитая шумом и гамом  душа перечтает воспринимать, отличать, желать нового, смотреть со стороны.  Дайте немного эмoциональной засухи. Есть нельзя перестать совсем, однако уходить в тишину на часы или недели – очень полезно. Найти свое «тихое…

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To Be Alive

Modified: 2015/07/27

To be alive one needs to think.  It is your first move.  You are what you think. Before words and before actions comes the thought – the thought of “Self”. The thought is everything.  It is an emotion, it is a vision, and it is everything around you.  Try to eliminate the thought, and everything around you turns into objects just like you.  Without thought you become vulnerable and needy.  Desires are consuming you, and what is there to guide your next move? Instincts? A first free minute after all instincts are satisfied and all calls of duty are answered gives a luxury (or misery) of Self.  Kids are fed and…

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